Hi folks-

I'm using the MX components (scrollbar) to load text in my projector. When the lower (main) level loads the text into the text field all is well. Then the upper level loads it's text...again...all is well.

However, when I close the upper level and go back to my original text file in the lower movie, the scrollbar is deactivated. You can see it, but the scroller is gone and the text just flows to the bottom of the text field with no ability to scroll it.

I've tried all kinds of solutions...naming each element a unique name (scrollbar instance, text variable, etc)

I believe the issue is when the upper level gets UNLOADED. WHEN I DON'T UNLOAD THE UPPER MOVIE EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. However, It must be unloaded to view the lower level.

Here is my code:
myData1 = new LoadVars();
myData1.onLoad = addItems;
function addItems() {
mainStory.multiline = true;
mainStory.wordWrap = true;
mainStory.type = "dynamic";
mainStory.border = false;
mainStory.html = true;
mainStory.htmlText = myData1.myTextmain;