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Thread: Loading an array from PHP to flash.

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    Loading an array from PHP to flash.

    Could someone please help me, I am loading an array into SWF using sendAndLoad. So I was wondering how to access the array. Mayeb this should be in Noobies cause I sure feel like one.

    so I load it in this way
    sendData = new loadVars();
    sendData.id = "blah blah";
    sendData.onLoad = function (success) {
    if (success) {
      trace("Error dummy head!");
    So how do I see the array now? The name of the Array is 'totaldates'
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    Re: Loading an array from PHP to flash.

    Originally posted by Andrue
    resultLoadVars=new LoadVars();
    sendData.sendAndLoad("http://<--file.php goes here",resultLoadVars goes here);

    flash takes name value pairs just like when you whant to transmit data from a php file to another you go link.php?name=value1&name=value2
    but instead of having it at the end of a link you print it out on the screen, thats what flash gets. I dunno about php but in jsp its:
    out.print("name=value") and in asp its: response.write(name=value), u know, the way you do when you want to display html within php.

    So if you whant to send an array, I suggest that you send a xml formatted string as one value. In flash you parse it to xml and loop throu the thing. Im supposing its a database resultset and you dont know how many of each it will hold, thats why I think that xml is the way to go. You can even set up a function for making a 2d array of the xml formatted resultset data and feed the datagrid component with it!
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    find some information here:


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