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Thread: Using purchased fonts on clients site???

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    Using purchased fonts on clients site???

    Question about fonts for purchase:

    When purchasing fonts, many are supplied with a single user license. Let’s say I present a particular font to a client that they "just have to have", I would assume that it would be necessary then for the font used on this clients site to then be paid for, and registered under this clients name.

    Would this be a correct assumption?

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    This is all in how you enter the contract with the clients.

    If you purchase the font for your use on there site that's one
    thing. If they expect the font as part of the package that's
    another. If a client expects a font for delivery then
    They must pay for the font. From the font supplier.

    The artwork does not include the programs you are not selling
    them an html editor or an authoring environment. You are also
    not unless they require and are in reciept of the authoring
    Such as you make a site with flash.
    They do have the right to the swf.
    They do not have a right to the .fla.
    Unless you consign the release to them.

    As you do not have the distribution rights of the font.
    You do not have the right to redistribute the font for
    said client.

    FFF may have more to say on this matter as that is his


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    This sounds as I imagined. Let me clarify though.

    If I (the designer) have a Font I purchased (w/ a single user license)
    that my client wants to use on their site; it's only necessary for that client to purchase the font if, for whatever reason, they choose to purchase the .fla that produced the .swf that I (the designer) was contracted to create. <<<a bit long winded - I know - this sound correct???

    I would also assume that any font placed for public consumption (free) has no restrictions??? <<<question


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    check the licence that came with your font, it usually clarifies exactly WHAT youre allowed to do with the font.

    But in general yes, your single-user licence should cover you using it for a client site, and the client should only purchase it if he/she wants to use it in his/her own machine.

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    It can be done HTML + CCS2.
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    This is a good one to throw out to the boardroom as well.

    Although I'm sure they've covered it.

    Thread Moved.

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