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Thread: Naming MC instance with lots of key frames ?!

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    Naming MC instance with lots of key frames ?!

    I have a scene with a MC instance in it. I created some animation for it in a certain layer. Now I want to name that instance.
    My problem is that when I give it a name, it only keeps it untill the next key frame, then it looses it, and I need to go over all the key frames (about 300) and give it the same name.

    Is there a fast way to give this specific instance it's name in all key frames? (I have 11 instances X 300 key frames = 3300 !! I just can't think about naming all of them one by one).


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    No, no quick and easy way. The best solution for you would be to only name the instances when you actually need them, eg if you need to target it in frame 17 you only name frame 17.

    Alternatively, as you are probably trying to target the clip, depending on what you need done, you could get the clip to read a variable on the _root, and act accordingly... but its going to be tough.
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    I did name the MC only when I needed it, but it didn't work.

    e.g.- the MC appears at frame 1. I needed to call him at frame 17, so I did name it at frame 17, and after. It didn't work. Only when I named all the key frames from frame 1 on, it worked.

    This surprised me very much.

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