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Thread: Creating a contact form .. but no server not PHP supporting

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    Creating a contact form .. but no server not PHP supporting

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at creating a contact page (name, email, message), but my server administrator tells me that they don't support ANY extras on their server (PHP, Frontpage, etc).
    a - can I create a contact page without these extensions or
    b - do you know of any online script server that I could use for this (preferably free of charge

    Thank you in advance for any indication on this

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    It seems unlikely that the server can't support ANYTHING... try a PHP and ASP page on it, anyway.

    Otherwise, I dont think there is any way for you to do it. You have to have a back-end to do that.

    One possiblity would be to put a page on a server that does support PHP or ASP, and call that from your Movie. If it is just one simple page, it shouldn't cost too much, or you could find a free server that supports PHP/ASP, or, probably easiest, just get a friend with a domain who is not using all his space to let you upload your page to his domain.

    And, if your server admin is so unhelpful, consider changing, setting up PHP is free, easy and usefull to everyone. There's no reason not to.
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    sorry dude. you are F-u-c-k-e-d. i spent 8 hours trying to find somewhere that would host a contact page. the only way to do it is if your paying for a website that allows you to use php. the free ones do not, and most the cheap lil 7.99 ones dont either (cheap bastards)

    if i were you id just put an email address for them to mail to

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