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Thread: Nokia FutureLab Showcase

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    Nokia 3G Showcase

    A short while ago I finished work on a Flash based CD-Rom project, demostrating 2.5 and 3G (third generation) mobile technology, for the Nokia FutureLab.

    It was originally for CD-Rom, so it's not completely ideal for the web, but as it was created in Flash, I've adapted a version here for web delivery anyway (broadband only and min. screen res: 1024x768, Flash Player 6 required of course). Please check it out if you have a few minutes, thanks.

    If you're interested, the showcase includes quite a bit of Flash video (in the tomorrow - 3G sections), includiing a simulated video conference between mobile phones (in the Communication - 3G section).



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    Comments...do I hear comments anyone?
    Lay it on me dudes, I can take it...

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    I like it clean simple and easy to use the way a presentation should be. loads very quickly on my dsl so im sure that it couldnt take to long for a 56k user to view this.

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    Simple, clean, quick.

    I liked it for the above reasons. You used Flash as a necessary tool to highlight the product, instead of as a means to an end itself. Nicely done.
    *I wanted to learn Flash why????*

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