I've just started getting into this whole web design thing and I think I might like to try getting a entry level position or an internship somewhere.

A few questions:
#1 Is it more likely that I will have to be an intern first or are there salaried/hourly positions available at the entry level?

#2 What type of firm should I try to apply to - large web design company, large companies that have websites,
small web design firm?

#3 What are the essential skills/languages/programs I should know?

#4 <Most Important> Do you think I can hack it? Please check out my first website. I made it for the crafts that my mom makes. She paid me with a peanut butter & jelly sandwitch


I designed everything except for a few components that I used (drop boxes and a form) and took all the photos, created the logo etc. Check out About Us and FAQ for some nice photos.

2002 Grad BS-Computer Science, minor in Accounting
Used to make the above site:
Flash MX
Photoshop 6
Digital Photography
Some Freehand MX
Sorenson Squeeze
Cool Edit Pro (for audio)
Bryce 5
Dreamweaver MX (for HTML version yet to be released)
Other stuff but not used in site: Swift3D V3, Camtasia Studio, FrontPage, C++, Oracle 9i, ColdFusion, Database Design, Data Mining, Television Production and Direction, all sorts of Accounting (job costing, ABC costing, federal tax, accounting for takeovers, acquisitions ... etc, etc.)
I also am "interning" for a web developer and have done a few things that he couldn't figure out such as creating forums on customers sites, Whois Availibity and looking up owner info (for customers signing up for new domain names). He also wants me to make his site ecommerced based (instead of "call to order") for hosting, web design, and buying templates.

Thanks for any tips and visiting my site! Let me know what you think and if I should apply down at the local Exxon instead