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Thread: controlling the playing of external swf in sprites

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    controlling the playing of external swf in sprites

    I'm trying to BEGIN loading an external audio swf at the end of my preloader into a sprite (audio) into level 1 (got to keep the dialup downloading you know - during the transition between my preloader and the main movie). My question is, how do I control WHEN it is played in the main movie? I know I've seen somewhere this type of control but can't place where it was.

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    depends on what your using to create your external movie

    for instance soundnails STREAMINGmysound.SWF just plays
    as soon as it loads
    ergo you would need to identify the sprite/level
    then tell target stop
    if you wanted it to cache the first frames of your streamed

    Most streamed swf's you can simply use tell target stop
    but there is know way if it's loaded or not.
    stop/play work like pause play with streamed swf's
    If you wanted to go back to the begining you'd prolly
    could get away with
    tell target "/sprite"
    after the sprite is loaded.

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