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Thread: Flickering!!!

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    I have had two people on two different computers tell me that the intro to my newly created website was flickering very badly. I noticed that it was doing it on my computer, but I thought it might just be MY computer. Can someone please check out the intro and tell me if it is flickering and if so how to i make it stop. I did increase the frame rate but it flickered just as bad.


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    If you're talking about your filmstrip's entrance, guess you could call it that. But I'd call it a strobing effect, due to... Well you're into photography, aren't you?

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    thats what i thought..i thought it gave the illusion because of the black and white contrast in the tops and bottom of the film strip...

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    What you are talking about is for sure a strobe effect. Here is something else to think about:

    Whenever you move an object that has images or cutouts at regular intervals, you will get this effect. It is the basis for which cinematography is based upon.
    Now the kicker is, on the web, it is very hard to keep this type of effect stable because not all systems can render the same frame rate.

    Its kind of like watching the wheel cover on a car when it goes by. Have you ever seen this? Sometimes when the car accelerates or decelerates, the wheel looks like it is spinning backwards.

    The only way that I know of to keep the effect semi stable, is to decrease the frame rate of your movie. This will not always work though. On low end systems where the processor cannot keep up or there is not enough ram to process multiple tweens, the effect will look horrid.

    I myself would decrease the size of the images and make the whole effect smaller. This would help to keep the effect stable across multiple systems.

    Hope the info was of some use...

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