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Thread: highlight dates in calendar companent

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    highlight dates in calendar companent

    Was wondering if anyone could help me out here.
    I am trying to make a calendar using the calendar component. I pass a var into flash using PHP this is as so:

    // load dates for games for current month
    myDate = new Date();
    mm = myDate.getMonth()+1;
    yy = myDate.getFullYear();
    //add 0 for dates with one digit
    if (mm<10) {
            mm = "0"+mm;
    // display only the last 2 digits
    myString = yy.toString();
    for (i=2;i<myString.length;i++) {
            yy = (myString.charAt(2)+myString.charAt(3));
    gameVars = new LoadVars();
    gameVars.month_id = mm+"/"+yy;
    gameVars.onLoad = function (success) {
            if (success) {
                    var i = 0;
                    while (this["day" + i] != undefined) {
                            trace(this["day" + i]);
    Well for some reason this is not posting all of my cade , here is another forum that has it.
    Full code

    I want to make it so that these are the only dates that are selectable. or at leaste highlight them.
    Any ideas, here is an example that works using Flash Remoting Componets adn ColdFusion MX . But I am using PHP/MySQL.

    Here is the tut on this calendar but rememebr I want to use PHP that returns this VAR:
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