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Thread: Scrolling Text <<<<<DESPAIR >>>>>>

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    Scrolling Text <<<<<DESPAIR >>>>>>

    Hi there,

    I have customised one of the external swf. scrollers from the Movie section of this site for my own devices and I am having problems with achieving nice crisp text.
    In my external content file I have a long paragraph of text (there are images distributed throughout it too)and I want it to appear crisp when scrolled in my main movie. I have tried various ways of achieving this with complete failure - I even tried just making a gif. image of the text in photoshop and then importing it into flash instead of having an actual text field. The text fields appear blurry, and any gif. files I have tried for scrolling are distorted on certain lines when in the scrolling field.
    When I select device fonts for a crisper look, nothing appears in the scrolling field.
    I am not the most clued up on Flash at this moment in time, and am just getting by mostly on sourcing and customising movies/code for my own needs when it comes to slightly more advanced actionscript.

    I want a nice crisp _sans/verdanaish font at about 8/10pix.

    Can anyone please guide me??


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    When you have a move effect as opposed to a transform.
    the frame by frame action. Your per frame location
    of the text is not an interger.

    When it is not an integer it is a decimal at those frames.
    You cannot achieve sharp text unless each frame is exactly
    on an interval location. Hence it means putting place location
    on each frame as opposed to a simple move.

    Or using the text as an mc (Sprite in swish) and using tell
    target transform.

    Newbies forum may be able to assist you more in that arena
    if you are using flash.

    Swish help if you are using swish.

    Fonts moderator.

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