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Thread: Particle effects : Physics & Maths

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    Particle effects : Physics & Maths

    I want to know how to animate & give the realistic effects for the following :
    1. Movement of raising smoke in air less region.
    2.Ripples on a lake or a tub & in moving water.
    3.Clouds deforming in shape while moving.
    4.Rain drops and its change in angle of falling according to the wind movement.
    5.Smoke in air.
    6.Cotton or fether or leaves both in air and falling (wobbling) in a static air.
    7.Change in a candle flame due to movement in air.
    8.Relative movement of grass blades & tree leaves due to breeze.
    9.Float on water & air.
    10.Drop of a solid or liquid on a static or moving water surface.
    11.changes in wrinkles in dresses of humans.
    12.Effects like Glow, Shine, Glitter, twinkle, reflection,fire, flame, ect.

    Please let me know the link or a book or an online book where I can find these all with their Physics & Mathematics.

    Please do help me. I want to learn & do all these in Flash MX.

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