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Thread: Load Info From TXT standalone

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    Load Info From TXT standalone

    hello, i was wondering if it is posible for flash mx to load info from a text file without using anyother script. i am saving the file with visual basic the txt file looks like


    i am testing in flash

    loadVariables("c:\windows\desktop\Parallel Port Log File.txt",0);

    if it is posible does the file have to be in the same directory as the flash file. i have done this on the internet but i have forgotten how to do it. is the text file correct. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for the time. Patrick

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    Not sure about the backslashes (I'm on Mac) .. That question would be solved if your txt file was in the same forlder. Relative URLs work well. Anyway, if you're loading variables into _level0 (as in your example) then it would be loadVariablesNum()
    And get rid of the spaces: Parallel_Port_Log_File.txt would be better.

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    well thanks a lot. i got it to work. i have to have the files in the same folder so i have to work around that. if anyone has any ideas i am still looking for a solution where i could specify the path. i know i could use swf studio but i am a student and don't have money to throw around. thanks for the help gparis. Pat

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