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Thread: Help needed from you!

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    Help needed from you!

    Hello community-members,

    Good gracious, I have to give a little lecture about virtual community!

    For me it would be nice to know what members from a community say about there favorite commuity-site.

    So, could you answer me one question:

    What do you get back from this community? (help, frindship, fun...etc.)

    Please write me your ideas, so could help me so much.

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    Lets see, i have helped alot of people and i have alot of fun now these days + Its fun to hit the execution button

    Dont know how many ours i have spent but i think its a looong time.

    Take care

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    baltic sea

    thanx and more...

    thank you GMF,

    hope you are not the the only member
    with such these experiences

    What's up, folks? Let us compare notes!

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    1)access to information, ideas, opinions from a lot of sources, from people who have at least 1 thing in common, but lots of things not in common.

    2)a sense of community and shared pleasures. I have met people here who are now firm friends who support me in my endeavours as I support them.

    3)personal satisfaction at being part of a successful admin and moderation team.

    4)lots of laughs

    5)a realisation of how important visual clues are in communication and how much people need to try to overcome that limitation all the time here.

    6)lots of laughs

    7)education and knowledge...makes us powerful

    8)satisfaction from sharing

    9) lots of laughs

    Sometimes it is like family and I worry if somebody I know stops posting without anyone knowing why.

    david p.
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    Yep, like that time Aria gave us all a scare.

    1) Friendship. There is a lot of bonding going on.

    2) Human interaction. We get to meet people from all across the globe.

    3) Fun

    4) Plain and simple knowledge.

    5) You havn't experienced the internet, if you have not joined a community.

    6) Helping others out. It's good for your health, makes you feel better, and someone else gets some help.

    7) Being helped. You feel like you are cared for (which is one big lie! ), and you gain knowledge, experience, and perhaps a friend.

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    What I get back from this community? Honestly, just asked myself that when I was on recent travel.

    I learned Flash here faster than any class or book ever from the examples and answers given to me when I was a neophyte. Then, I started to get back into the one thing that I really had abandoned, 3D. so I started helping there, which actually lead to me helping author a book about Swift3D; one of my favorite programs.

    Now, as a moderator, I consider myself friends with a lot of people here, even have made business contacts. However, that's not as important as seeing the spark in the responses when you help that person out.

    Call it a communal thing, but it's what I get back the most from the site.

    and an occassional bothersome person looking for illegally obtained software, but that just reinforces my anti-warez philosophy anyway.

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    Flashkit saved my life!!

    Okay, not really. But it did get my animation career a resurgence. I had previous worked with Broadcast animation apps in the industry. But had been out of work form almost two years. Until I was introduced to Flash and Flashkit. I've now a fulltime graphics job. And a succesful freelance biz. I not only credit my hard work. But the support and help I've gotten here.

    I agree with Gerbs FK helped me learn Flash, faster than I've learned any other program I've worked with. I just started helping out in the Help forums and the rest is history.

    I echo DP's, Virgo's sentiments as well. I have grown to kow many of the users as friends, if in pixel only.
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    I am deeply grateful to these community!

    At my first steps with flash, I am looking for help in the www.

    An absolut greenhorn as I was, I am asking for help at a forum in my home-country.
    Sometimes I got no answer or I got special instuctions about the search function (not realy wrongly)

    But I think it's a great differnce between caustically and sympathetically.

    That's the point. Here I found people who understand newbie-worries, who are very helpful and in good humor!


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