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Thread: Clear Shared Objects

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    Clear Shared Objects

    I've basically have run through the simple tutorials using Flash Comm with the examples found on MM's site (using SimpleConnect, Chat, etc.)

    Everything works fine, but as I was testing things, I basically filled in dummy text onthis and that (and so did others that logged in to test).

    My question is, how did I rid myself of that dummy text that was created so I can start with fresh text! (for demo purposes). I've tried deleting *.fso, and *.so on both my computer and the server, but whenever I go back and run the chat, our chat text still resides!

    I just want to do a clean swipe so that when I show a demo, people see a fresh chat without our developers "blah blah blah".


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    http://www.flashcomstudio.com/resour...rial_index.cfm has 2 ways of clearing the chat. Excellent tutorials.

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    Thanks YWNM. I'll give it a look.

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