I have a Flash Site Idea but i am not advanced enough in flash to make it. So I ask for someone to team up with me and we can produce a site that I think would be one of the best I have ever seen. I am graphics designer and will design all or most of the graphics for the site, I am looking for a partner just to design the site, and get there name and mine out in the graphics/internet world. I will buy the domain and host the site on one of my servers. I will not mention the site to anyone unless they Team up with me to build it. The person must be good in action scripting and flash animation. My Idea might be to hard to build I don't know sence I am new to the flash scene. Anyone Interested please reply with your email or AIM name and I will get with you..



PS This will be a fun project and could result into more.. Hosting and domain name will be paid for by me as long as we keep the site active.