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Thread: Please Help Me

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    Please Help Me

    hi i know the basics of flahs and mainly use tutorials to lear but i wana shake the browser windo but i cant do it can some 1 please please help

    wqhat i want is something to drop from the top of the screena nd then as it lands shake the screen i have followed the tutorial but tis not very good and i cant see where i am going wrong some 1 help me

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    Hi, I think this is what your looking for.
    add this code to your <head> tag.
    function drop(n) {
    self.moveBy (0,-900);
    for(i = n; i > 0; i--){
    for(j = 8; j > 0; j--){

    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">


    var TrackRed= 0x00; //(RED) Replace the values after '0x' with the
    var TrackGreen= 0x00; //(GREEN) two-letter/number hexadecimal color codes
    var TrackBlue= 0x00; //(BLUE) in the BODY tag (after bgcolor=).

    function FadeTo(steps,red,green,blue)
    for (var i = 0; i <= steps; i++)
    var endpart = i/steps;
    var startpart = 1 - endpart;
    document.bgColor =
    Math.floor(TrackRed * startpart + red * endpart)*256*256 +
    Math.floor(TrackGreen * startpart + green * endpart)*256 +
    Math.floor(TrackBlue * startpart + blue * endpart);
    TrackRed=red; TrackGreen=green; TrackBlue=blue;




    <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
    A {text-decoration:none;}
    A:hover {color:silver;}
    then add this to your <body> tag.
    <body bgcolor="black" text="silver" link="silver"
    vlink="silver" alink="silver" onload="drop(300); FadeTo(50,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF);">
    hope it helps, Ed.

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