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Thread: pixel font problem (fill)

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    pixel font problem (fill)


    I've just started designing a personal flash site on which I'm hoing to use pixel fonts. My problem is that characters like "P" or "O" gets a fill within them.

    I'm asking myself why and hopefully you have the answer!

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    First of all, check if you applied all the rules on pixelfonts.


    If everything is correct, it might just be that your pixelfont is not suitable for flash!

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    When this happens, it can't be anything wrong on your side, so don't try to 'fix' it. The fonts that you're using are simply not suitable for Flash.

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    this happens, as far as i know, 'cause these fonts where not designed for flash.

    but i found a way around this, so far it has worked for me.

    open freehand and type your text there in the right font size, and in the right coordinates, then press ctrl+shift+p to convert it to curves, then press ctrl+c to copy and in flash ctrl+v to paste, make sure you paste them in the right coordinates .0, they look blurry but when you export it they look crispy.

    the only problem is to update the site, it's too much work, and to use dynamic or input fields.

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