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Thread: Play/Pause Help

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    OK. I have 2 buttons. 1 a play button and 1 pause button.
    I want to make it control my presentation while only showing one button. i.e. if the movie is playing you only see the pause & if the movie is paused you only see the play. If anyone has a sample script or any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Yes - I think I know what you are trying to do. You need to be using [1] movie clips and [2] possibly the Tell Target action. There are pelnty of tutorial here and at the Macromedia website that detail these features.

    I'm sorry if this answer doesn't sound too detailed, but once you get the hang of movie clips and Tell Target you'll know what I'm talking about and it's all very straightforward from there.


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    two buttons, one of them in a movie clip named MCplay.

    put this action on the play button in the MC-

    on (release) {
    setProperty ("_root.MCplay", _visible, false);

    on the pause button this action-

    on (release) {
    setProperty ("_root.MCplay", _visible, true);

    and as sam_flanagan metions you should read about this so you can understand what is happening to make this work.

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