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    alright, getting a little desperate here!
    and losing my sanity as well.

    i am still at a loss trying to target a mc in a loaded movie.

    i am loading a movie onto level 1 and targeting a movieclip residing on the main timeline of that loaded movie.

    i want to affect the xposition of that particulare movieclip

    NOTHING WORKS! nothing that i am doing at least.

    this is the latest code:

    On (Release)
    Unload Movie (2)
    Unload Movie (1)
    Load Movie ("connect_sub.swf", 1)
    Begin Tell Target ("_level1/scrollbar_02")
    Set Property ("_level1/scrollbar_02", X Position) = -423
    End Tell Target
    End On

    what am i missing here???

    please help !

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    Try loading your movie and keep it invisible. That way you'll be sure the mc is loaded by the time you use Set property.

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