Hello I'm a newbie and also a student. For my senior thesis I'm attempting to develop DJ/Turntablism site. One of the pieces in the project would feature a list of audio loops/clips, and it's similar to the "mixmax" software that's availible.

So basically I would like a menu with approx 10-15 audio clips that can be selected and play onto channel 1 of a virtual mixer, on the other channel the user would be able to select another audio clip. Upon selecting the audio clip the user would be able to hear the two audio clips simlutaneously together and vice versa. I know that I can have the loops previously mixed on different points on the timeline and then with the mouse up command it would be able to redirect the timeline to the pre mixed clips but is there a wat to do it in real time? Any advice or input would be greatly appeciated? Also input on the level of difficulty would also be helpful. Thanks.