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Thread: Game Check

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    Hey gamers,

    I've been slowly working on my game in whatever free time I can Find. I'm getting there but I'm having troulble making the game challenging for users.
    I've yet to randomize the enemy fire, so it just shoots one after the other. Maybe a sheild of some sort?
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Internet explorer only!! (javascript incompatibility)

    thanks in advance



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    Hey DOS looks preaty cool man. I love it. A sugestion though for a space game I think lazers will be realy nice rather than ball this will not be diff. to do. Secoond the ball is going form the pit out which is imposible so make the pit on top of the ball ( lazer ) this will not be diff to do as well. Why dont you make the aliens smaller it will be realy cool if they change their scale as well ( as they go forward and backwards ). Those things are not important but will add very nice effect to the game. About the chalenge the aliens can change their collor randomly let say green-red. When they are green they are vulnerable and can be shot.
    OK what do you think?

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    Perhaps some ideas:

    1) speeding up the game or alien-movement
    2) give 'em shieldpower or something
    3) insert a gatekeeper or enemyboss with much power
    4) add a recharge-lagtime to your (laser)cannon if the player shoots to rapidly

    Good luck!


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    Thanks Guys,

    Great Ideas.

    Any idea how I can get the laser fire to go under the dash?
    I think it might involve putting the laser instance in another movie clip and then positioning it under the dash on the main timeline. But I'm not sure.

    thanks for your help


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