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    Ok. I have been playing with this for what seems like forever.

    In case anyone forgot this is what I'm looking to do in simple terms.

    I have 2 movies. The first is small and will be used as the preload movie. The second is the main movie and MUCH bigger.

    I want to preload the ENTIRE main movie while the small movie loops. Then when entirely loaded, I want the main movie to play and the preload movie to GO AWAY.

    This where I am at so far:

    I can get the main movie fully loaded and playing, but the load movie hangs around looping, resetting the main movie everytime the frame with load movie command comes around.

    I'm thinking it's the "level" settings, but am unsure. It's possible that the unload movie comes into play here, I guess.

    If the group can please help a layman like myself figure out how to get this done, I'd be happy to do a tut for Koolkit about this with all my new havested knowledge.

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    Your making it to complicated.

    Just use the Get at the front of the preloader then use the get frame at the end of it and don't loop to the get url Frame.

    Here is a layout

    Frame 1 Get URL
    Frame 2-Frame n Preloader
    Frame n-goto Frame 2.

    I know for a fact that it works if you just link to a SWF. The preloader will loop until the SWF is loaded. I've never tried it with a HTML though.

    Normally I don't advocate having a stand alone SWF out there but in this case it is okay.


    1. I already know that the people have Flash installed becuase I have already tested it in the Preloaders HTML.

    2. The preloader has the meta information and title so I don't care how their web pages refrence the SWF. The preloader will direct them to the SWF for me. The user can always get back using the preloaders title in the history. Search engines will find the preloader and display it as my page if I do the title and meta tags right.

    3. I know that the movie itself will scale to the fullest size in the browser window.

    I think if you use a HTML in the get URL section the browser will try to partially display the HTML while the SWF loads. Since a stand alone SWF is the only object that it is loading it should work.

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    I've tried this already. It doesn't work. The get command just snags the swf without looping the preload movie.

    Frame 1 - get main swf
    Frame 2 through 6 (preload effects)
    Frame 7 - goto frame 2

    Maybe KM just doesn't have the fuctionality that I am looking for yet.

    Here is a example of it using the steps described above.


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    There is a command I haven't included in the user interface yet -- if frame is loaded -- which is used in most preloaders. I don't know if it is possible to create a preloader without this command. The preloader you can invoke in KoolMoves uses this command.

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    Try this:

    1) Blank movie loads preloader on level 1
    2) Preloader loads main movie on level 2
    3) Preloader loops as you've got it.
    4) Main unloads preloader on level 1

    This also gives you the opportunity to fade your preloader rather than it just disappearing.

    I also use the blank movie to load background music, so it starts first.

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    The SOG webmaster had a HTML/javascript preloader. I can't find his page anymore though. We can ask him how he did it?

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