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    heres a logo i made is PS its for a friend whos a local rapper to use on cd's and etc. well im new and this looks decent but kinda corny so tell me what you think.
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    Hi i would lose the gun and the bullets (if u sent me that as a demo CD it would be filed in the bin)

    rapping if u look at the history is a non violent way of beating someone, its not all about guns

    if u are ever going to do bullets use motion blur to simulate the movement, have u ever seen a bullet coming out of a gun ?

    quite like the font but as many here will post a logo has to be simple an effective, look at nike + mc donalds v v simple

    rather than guns and bullets i would look at microphones, speakers

    nice to see what u end up with


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    thanks for the response. i understand what u mean about the guns, and i'm gonna take them out and ut osmehting more musical oriented. i just put them there cuz when i saw split second, i just thought of bullets beign shot.

    well anyways i just wanted to try out the gun effect for fun and motion blur was the better way to go. what i did was just copy and paste a bullet and lower the opacity. but if i use the motion blur, what would i have if i wanted to show one bullet moving? one bullet in motion blur or many bullets in motion blur as it was moving.

    ill have a diff logo up here tommrow for u to look at.

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