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Thread: dynamic text + embeded font = Blur!

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    dynamic text + embeded font = Blur!

    First my problem was that the font I was using (static text) was once rendered, blury... then somebody told me that if I put the text dynamic + no selectable area it would become clearer...

    Everything worked out fine until I realised that the text once dynamic is not imbeded in the swf so I had to choose to imbed the text in the swf... (properties window/characters)... resulting in the text becoming blurry again once rendered in the swf!

    what should I do guys...any Ideas????

    My last option is to use another font wich I dont want to do obviously!

    Also something weird happened... when you embed the font and your dynamic field is larger that necessary ...flash just enlarge the font so it can fill all the space that you've put there... resulting in a way too big font rendering.... So i guess I have to calculate what I need in space for my dynamic field! Am I right????

    thanx for the help!

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    You'll have to experiment, but you should probably go back to static text. The secret is to make sure the text box registration point is in the top left corner, not the middle or somewhere else. Then use the Info or Properties panel to set it to a whole number in the x, y coordinates, ie, 124.0, not 124.3. Also, if the text box is in a movie clip, then that clip also has to be set to a whole number on the main stage. Same applies to nested clips. They all have to sit on whole numbers right up to the main timeline.

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    iaskwhy is totally correct in this. There are a few other things as well. If your fonts are now skewed as well, you probably tried to change the size of the dynamic text box using the info box. DON'T DO THIS, EVER. If you need to change the size of the box, use the mouse and do it manually. It won't be perfect, but your font won't be skewed.

    If the font you are using is still blurry after all of this, you may want to try using pixel fonts. www.fontsforflash.com is a good resource for this.


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    thanx guys...

    i'll work on this...

    The link is good...i think it might help!

    you're a very useful ressource guys... thank god for this forum!

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