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Thread: problems resizing text and fading at the same time!

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    problems resizing text and fading at the same time!

    in frame 1 I have my text at a small size (converted to symbol - graphic) and 0% alpha, in frame 20 i have the same text at a bigger size (converted to symbol - graphic) at 100% alpha. with a motion tween applied.

    i intend to have a number of layers with a different phrase on each.

    My 1st layer works, but my second layer doesnt. although they are set up in exactally the same way?!

    On the one that doesnt work, the colour fades, but the size doesnt graduate - it stays the same until the keyrame then changes!?

    This is for a project due in friday 9am and i cant start it! HELP!

    any ideas!

    what is the best way to do his?

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    out of practice!

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    Unexpected file format. You must be on a Mac.

    Try using static text. Then convert it to a movie clip. Inside the movie clip, select the text box and again, convert to a movie clip. Don't go to that movie clip, just do your fades and tweens in the first movie clip timeline.

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    done it, cheers

    out of practice!

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