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    :eek: Exploding Tweens!!

    I have an easy enough question I'm sure, but it's bothering the snot out of me!

    I seem to have a problem with my tweens "exploding" on the initial movement tween. Picture a leg walking for this quick example..

    1: stationary lower leg, upper leg, foot
    5: moved upper leg up, left, and angled it slightly. Repeat for lower leg and foot.
    10: again moved each piece slightly and angled it again.
    15: moved, angled.. you get the idea.

    Ok, you get the picture by now, I do the SAME exact thing for all frame transitions! Now, I tween each one, starting with frame one through whichever I end the movement at. Only the FIRST tween ever gives me problems, instead of simply moving to the next motion the parts literally explode ******ds! The pieces will move drastically out of the limits in either the starting or ending positions, past any movement I've given them in the entire flash. Then they jump quickly back into place and the next tweens work fine with no explosions, no matter how many I use after that. It's only this initial tween that explodes, and its exploded in different animations and in different flashes without me being able to fix it.

    It's not just the leg walking thing. I realize now that I can do a frame by frame for that. (I did manage to search these forums pretty extensively before asking for help.) This is a problem with every series of tweens I do, the first one always blows up unaccountably like this.

    Was hoping there's an embarrassingly easy was to solve this!


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    that's funny!

    Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa ha ha! Pretty lame to post a reply to my own thread, I know, but this is funny, and I got a kick out of it! Check out in my message where there's some *** all in a row. Looks kinda funny, doesn't it? I've already run into the problem on NewGrounds so I know what's going on and I like the way they've handled it here.

    I was actually explaining that my tweens exploded in a manner not "inwards"... think about the opposite of that word and the letters they blocked out. I love the internet!! (most of you will hopefully get this!)


    P.S. if you don't get this right away let me help: INWARds... he he he.. if you still don't get it don't worry. Explaining it might just spread the virus!
    ...God, I'm still laughing...

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