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Thread: loadmovie?to be or not to be?

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    loadmovie?to be or not to be?

    what do u think is the best way to have diff pages.because when i put this code on mc1 and mc 1 is in mc2 so like this

    mc1 has this code{
    PHP Code:

    }ens mc1
    }end mc2
    }root end

    if that makes sense to goto another scene for a weird reason it wont work

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    Targeting scene names on the main timeline, from within movie clips or external movies loaded on other levels won't work. You have to use frame labels. Thus label the first frame of your "air" scene with an unique label such as air, add _root (from within movie clips) or _level0 (from movies on other levels) and target that labeled frame in your script...

    this.onRelease = function() {

    Oh! And do correct your onRelease code line as above!

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    oh ya!

    Thanks..now i remeber thats how i did it before.....and in the
    onRelease function just so u know i used the correct syntax in the fla ,just couldent remeber it for the forum and can u loadmovie from within the movieclip

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