I have tried posting this on kirupa's forums but no one seems to be able to help me on this. Maybe some guru here can help me?

I have modified a dropdown menu with sub buttons that was posted by another flash user on kirupa (sorcerer?). Everything worked great except 1) the labels on the sub buttons didn't display (which was weird since the label function contained AS for both main buttons and sub buttons and main buttons label fine) and 2) I couldn't place the menu where I wanted to on the stage - it kept reverting to left hand upper corner. I fixed that by making the whole thing into it's own movie clip that I called "Menu" and now it places on the stage anywhere I want BUT 1) sub buttons still don't label and 2) now the function that makes the sub buttons go back up into the main button isn't working even though I didn't touch the code!

This all makes much more sense if you look at the file, which is too big to attach but can be downloaded at:


Anyone out there want a challenge? I need this to work for a big school project that will benefit thousands of California public school kids so any help would be greatly appreciated!!