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Thread: Three questions

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    will do...

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    ok...here it is...http://theartnetwork.net/FDC.zip

    but before you look at it i should explain it...its VERY messy...

    the first scene is the (very) simple "intro"...(i will be adding a preloader sometime in the future and then placing that before the intro scene)

    the second scene is the interface. on the bottom left corner is three peices of text that will fade in from the first frame to the 15th frame and then it will move itself to the top right hand corner and change from white to black. There is also a mc on the stage in the second scene on the first frame(the only one). That mc will be used as a window once i finger out what i need to(scroll the dynamic text field). The mc will be removed from the stage(it will not be visible until the user clicks on a button). I have removed the code from the up and down arrow buttons so you can have whatever space you need to work and help me out.

    thanks in advance...

    lorren biffin

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    OK, it's working again. The reason the buttons didn't work is you had converted them to buttons. They are supposed to be movie clips with buttons inside them and code on both. I had to give the windownews clip an instance name to target the buttons right, so as soon as you move it it's going to quit working again. You'll have to change the code on the buttons and change the target path to the text box to wherever you move it to.

    Get the fla here, and let me know when you downloaded it so I can take it back off the server.


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    thanks...i downloaded it, but i cant view it...it says "cannot view protected file"

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    I just got it working...all thanks to YOU!

    F*** yea!

    Thank you so much!

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    Try again. I had Protect from Import checked, but so was the other one you got. Hmmm.

    OK, I'll take this off the server now.

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