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Thread: is there an OSX app that slows system for streaming?

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    is there an OSX app that slows system for streaming?

    Hi folks-

    When I was on a PC I saw several apps to slow your system down to preview streaming web content. Anyone familiar with something like that for OSX? I have a DSL connection and I cannot easily see what is preloading on 56k.

    Yes, I am familiar with "Show Streaming" in flash, but that only shows one .swf at a time. I have one .swf preloading another.

    I tried version tracker but couldn't find anything.


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    I've also been looking for such application...
    ... none found

    I currently switch to the internal modem for those testing issues.

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    If you really need it, you could set up an proxy server on your machine and cap the bandwidth, i'm pretty sure Squid allows you to do bandwidth restrictions.
    You can then access your own machine through the (bandwidth limiting) proxy it's running, if you see what I mean.

    Oh, just thought you could also look for a module for Apache to limit bandwidth: http://modules.apache.org/search

    This all assumes you're on OS X.
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