I got a "job" at a design firm a couple months ago. Right from the start I figured something was... not fishy... but rather, less than reliable. For one, my interviewer, the head of the company, FORGOT she had a interview with me. Okay, I thought, we all have our bad days and stuff. But the fact that they did not update the address of the firm on their site somewhat struck me as somewhat confusing.

Anyways, when I faxed her back the contract she e-mailed me, she did not send me a signed contract w/ her signature.

So I called the firm three times, and I said, "Can I speak to so and so," and they were always, "she's not in," or "she's busy, can I take a message?" So I gave my name and phone number, and wouldn't you know it, she did not call me back.

Surprisingly she answered my numerous e-mails saying that she gave projects to other people and that the firm's public party would be in a couple weeks. She still ignored the whole contract issue.

It's two months later, and I still haven't got a project or an actual phonecall. When I e-mail the owner, she still acts as if I were hired or something, yet I still don't have a signed contract or any work.

Now, it is easy to say, "well things look bad so you should look elsewhere," but honestly, the job situation for design where I am is not exactly spectacular. The fact that I even got interviewed is amazing considering I'm still somewhat young and inexperienced. Plus, I'm strapped for money, and I don't want to waste the summer looking for another job while it gets closer and closer to go back to Uni.

I honestly don't know what to do. On one hand, I don't want to let my pride get in my way and say to myself, "I'm too good for this" and then walk away, but on the other hand, if they treat me in this manner, I can't imagine how perhaps they treat their clients. It's simply unprofessional. I gave them leeway in the beginning because they had just moved from one place to another, so I understood perhaps why she may overlooked my interview. But, I'm both angry and sad at the fact that this job has slipped away, perhaps not for good, but it does seem distant.