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Thread: Movie File Size

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    I have several .bmps imported in my movie that are viewed later on in the website. The images are all in a movie clip that I call to using tell target. Is there anyway to have these load separately from the opening of the website? If its the load movie command, can you explain how to use it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    all you have to do is place them in the timeline where you want to load them. If you have a preloader that checks if the last frame of your movie is loaded, it could pose a problem.

    so if you need to use a preloader create one 20 frames long. in every second frame place a keyframe (ie 10 of them). Now divide your objects up into 10 - if you have 50 objects, that 5 objects per keyframe. Now place them in the keyframes.

    you can tween an animation also across this length of the timeline.

    What will happen is that the movie will load every symbol of the movie by the end of the preload sequence. except for your bitmaps because you left them out to be loaded later.

    hope this helps,

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    You could also break these images out as an seperate swf and use the load movie command. Since they are not essential to the main movie and can be pre loaded in the background and or on demand. This would make your site load faster and feel more fluid. Regards, Bill

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    Since u have so many BMPs, tracing them might reduce the file size and speed up the downloads (if u didnt already do that).


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