.....did you stop here and started useing FK. How did you find the site ? Please share it with us.

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Whats great and what could be changed ? Any thoughts ?

The History

About Flash Kit.... Flash Kit started late October in 1999. We built it because we wanted to create a resource site that as flash developers, we would find useful. We built it to create a one stop raw materials centre for flash creations, after having spent hours surfing for sounds, images and ideas, it seemed to me a great idea to collate and collect as much as we could into one place!

We never realised how much hard work has to go into creating a site of this nature. At every point we take a step back and think to ourselves "would that help us?", "Would that be useful?". Combined with the task of sourcing content, collating content, presenting content, administering the site, promoting the site, and adding functionality to the site, whoah, some serious late nights!

To undertake the site I partnered with Steve Williams from TurnAround Solutions, CEO of an Australian development house. Between us we have pushed Flash Kit to the limit, hopefully providing a valuable and useful site to the flash and multimedia community at large.

In January 2000, we became part of the internet.com network, a great sign of recognition, and its propelled the site further forward with us being able to create a host of new features, and even better, we have lots of bandwidth to use!

Flash Kit succeeds because of the generosity of the community it serves, and I would like to say a special thanks to the users, and the contributors out there who have used, seen, or sent to Flash Kit, your contributions, loyalty and support are truly appreciated.

Mark Fennell
Flash Kit Founder Sydney, Australia.

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