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Thread: Rendering text as HTML??

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    Rendering text as HTML??

    I'm trying to import text from a text file (actually an xml file, but...) and want the text to appear in a dynamic textfield be rendered as html. It doesn't work...but does when I hardcode the html code in flash in say frame 1. What's up?

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    can you post the FLA?

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    Here's an idea of what the xml file looks like.

    (xNode)My First line of text(/xNode)



    The first Node appears right, but the second Node with the underline html coding doesn't appear at all. (note, I replaced all the < and > since this site on flashkit.com actually took it as html)

    I'm calling the text between the (xNode)(/xNode) by using the following flash code:

    imageText = xNode.firstChild.nodeValue;

    "imageText" is the variable of the dynamic textfield.

    Everything works except when I start adding html coding into the xml file.
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