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Thread: Seperate price for .fla's?

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    Seperate price for .fla's?

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there is a general process/system for figuring out what to charge clients for the .fla files. I am under the impression that most designers and programmers do not give the source file without an additional charge. What are the thoughts and practices out there? Any answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

    Tracy Chase

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    I would charge at least twice as much as you do for the design
    work in them.

    And not release them to the client untill all monies are paid.

    What your doing is shooting your self in the foot for any
    chance of future work.

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    I disagree.

    In fact in our contract we explicitaly state that the .fla file will be handed over to the client on client acceptance on project delivery.


    serveral reasons ..

    1. by not providing the .fla you are locking the client out of his own web site.

    2. any change has to channeled through you.

    3. by not locking in the client this way we lock the client in with good ethical business practise and service.

    Basically there are two schools of thought on this subject. Charge extra for the fla or give it away.

    I remain convinced that the correct way to go is give it up. Win the client through good service, not monopolistic practise.

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    I agree with OD. We have moved past holding source code to ransome, and offer the .fla files as part of the completed deal, no extra necessary.

    What do we lose? Nothing. There is rarely any proprietary source code in the .fla, and if there is, we specifically ask that it not be released. Apart from that, it is not the Flash content which is important, it is the design and usage concepts which have been paid for, the Flash files are only a means to a way of delivering these concepts.

    I think that a developer or designer will always find that if you play fair and open with your customer, they will learn to trust you and your opinions, which in itself will lead to further business, and a part of developing that trust is to deliver the source files.

    And anyway, what are you going to do if your site is developed with html, javascript etc. Stop the customer from using the View Source dropdown until they double the agreed fee? Making them pay extra for this readily available feature would add up to the same as requiring additional cash for the .fla files, but is so nonsensical as to be laughed at.
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    Give it away now

    I agree that giving the source to the client is the best way. Your clients will trust you more.

    In my experience many clients fell trapped my developers and if they change developers they fear they must start over, or that they have lost time and money. So they are nervous about chousing someone to handle there site. One thing I always tell potential clients is my work is standardized and they get all raw working files, from Photoshop to Flash. In this way, other developers take over for me if the client is not satisfied.

    Your not trapping your clients and it shows you have confidence in your work.


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