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Thread: quick question...SHOULD BE EASY

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    quick question...SHOULD BE EASY

    HI, QUICK QUESTION. I have created a full website useing swish and my opening page is a regular html page....I have a link to the flash website from that page. Do I link useing the .html or the .swf or does it matter.......thanks

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    It doesn't actually matter.
    You can link to:
    or http://www.myserver.com/mymovie.html

    However, I would suggest that you link to
    the HTML. You'll have to embed the SWF
    into the HTML document (or export to HTML)
    and upload both the HTML document and the
    SWF. In my past experiences, this has lead
    to more stable webpages and better control.
    You can also dictate special parameters such
    as size and transparency. Hope that helps.

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    Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

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    thanks for the quick reply.....thank you for your time and help .......definetly will help

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