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Thread: how to do this? (another in a series of bad titles)

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    thanks, Jaffa, you've been most helpful, and i appreciate you not making me feel like an idiot over the math issue.
    BTW, what time is it in Aussie now?


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    Right now if you've just got this post thru an email alert or something it's 4.59. When i posted the last post it was 2 and i'd just got outta bed im up til 3-4 every morning and sleep til 12-2.
    Don't worry i stil think i'm dumb at code i'm not a programer by any means.
    I have only learn what i have had to learn and it been a pissoff for me because its a big time waster all i wanted to do was put on the screen what i had imagined.

    But i guess it's not a waste of time really because it ends up saving you a lot of time. Doesn't PCRICE hey pretty powerful isn't it.
    It's just a struggle learning it at the start.
    If thier wasn't blokes around like senocular i would never of learnt anything. And i mean that with gospel truth.
    Anyhow chow guys i'm off.
    Let me know if thiers anything more i can help you with.

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