im really confused

im either going mad or the internet industry is ripping everyone off.

the way i understand it the registras ( the people who sell you the domain) do not actuall own any domain they only aquire it when requested ( by you the customer ).

they then charge you for there setup costs, make you pay for the address per year when it has cost them nothing at all ( apart from staff wages ).

and to top it all off they will only rent you an address not sell it outright. so you have just payed a company to rent you an address that they dont even own for a limited period, making you pay per year on top of a setup charge when all there doing ( is counting the money)

is there any way to bypass this system and get addresses straight from the internet commisiony thingy ( i forgot the name) and cut all the rubbish with the domain sellers.

thanks guys.

p.s. i might be wrong in how it works correct me if u know how it works