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Thread: Need a good beginners tutorial for Flash MX

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    Need a good beginners tutorial for Flash MX

    I'm beginning to learn Flash MX and I was looking for some good tutorials to aid me in this if you know of any please let me know. Thanks.

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    Personally, I learned quite a bit from the tutorials that came with flash.

    check those first.


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    Welcome here.

    Yes the tutorials that came with Flash will give you a good start learning some of the basics and the language used. There is quite a new vocabulary to learn. But when you do it will help you to better understand the answers that you will get here.

    Its also very good training hanging around the newbie section of this site, just obeserving what people ask ( many of them will ask the same questions you wonder about ), and what answers they get. Youll soon see that there are more than one way to solve a problem.

    On this site there is also a good search engine. So if there is a special topic you are interested in and the manual is kind of lame on that subject, make a search on this forum and see all previously made questions and answers.

    The movies section here has hundreds of fla files that you can download and dissect, from simple to really really advance. Also there's a comprehensive Tutorial section that often expands on the subjects that the manual only scratch the surface on.

    So if you are curious on Flash you certainly come to the right place.
    I started learning on different forums and Im kind of obsessed being here now, everyday, I cant stop myself as I still learn a lot just from answering and viewing other peoples q' and answers.

    Good luck and keep posting.

    -Pelle Piano
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