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Thread: new interactive Flash video movie

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    new interactive Flash video movie

    We've just been through the sitecheck forum with our new interactive Flash video piece, so now it's show & tell & feedback time please. It would be good to get your thoughts here.

    It's a personal, non-commercial art piece, not a commercial design piece for a client. The theme is peace, without being too preachy about it. Fairly topical at this moment in history we think (and just about every other moment for that matter).

    On the technical side, we wanted to do a piece where the video was interactive and properly integrated into the background of the Flash movie.

    Minimum viewing requirements:
    Broadband connection (the file is 456KB)
    Flash Player 6
    Min screen res. 1024 x 768


    Please feel free to comment.

    { J } & maytey

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    dis freekin me out lol, this is pointless... what does it do???
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    what does it do

    What does a painting do? What does a book do? We hope that it makes you feel something, think something, even if that thing is "aargh!".

    OK, you probably meant the interactivity. It's a linear piece with subtle interactivity in the form of rollovers. It's not about clicking.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Cheers, maytey of memoryburn (formerly known as jjmt, but currently suffering from vBulletin login stuffup syndrome like so many others)
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