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Thread: Using Flash and JAVA

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    Can any one help me please ?

    Question as followes :

    1) How can I use Flash to interact with JAVA ?

    2) Can I create Forms in Flash ?

    3) How do I send variables to a Database or server
    using Flash which will be text based only ?

    4) Can the Database or Server also send back in
    Flash which will be text based using variables ?

    If you can help on the above then I will be greately

    my e-mail: peter.londos@usa.net


    Peter (Londos England).

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    use fscommand which sends commands to the host, so in browsers use this to send commands that can be 'caught' by java.
    Use text fields to get data in and these can be read and 'played around with' using actionscripts.
    You can send/receive data in the usual html way by adding it to the address using % and & etc., well really depends on if you send or post but thats pretty irrelevant.


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