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Thread: beginner --- button help

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    beginner --- button help

    Can someone explain to me how to make it so that when I click the button on the site I'm trying to make, the information connected to that button will appear only in a window/box that I've created. I only want it to appear in a specific area.


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    hey either find sumthing on "loadMovie clips"

    or read this...

    make a BLANK instance where u want the data to go. call it "Clip" in the instance name (bottom right) [not just the name]

    then make a sepparate swf with the info you want to go in that area.
    save as (example) data.swf

    now on the first movie clip make your link;

    on (release) {
    _root.Clip.loadMovie( "data.swf","");

    just image the Clip as a window and the data is what you can see out of it

    if that doesnt help i'l make a demo version

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