This is my first flashcom app, a meeting room with a shared document stage that users can upload documents to.

The objects loaded into the shared stage are draggable, and the drag is alos shared (if you move it it moves on everyone else's screen). I used a lot of the prebuilt components, but most of them have been mangled in one way or another.

The upload feature allows for a number of formats, including pdf. The documents are converted to .jpg on ther server (with Imagemagick, Ghostscript, and PHP) so they can be loaded into the Flashplayer. If you upload multipage documents, each page will be converted into a separate image, and the images will be numbered on the filelist.

I have a bug in the text chat. When you expand the chat window and then shrink it, the chat history doesn't refresh and the scroll doesn't bring the field to the end of the text... I'm working on that one.

You'll need to be at 1024x768 or better to fit the whole app in the window. The main application is 64kb.

Please don't upload anything offensive... thanks.

code: dxc
key: 123