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Thread: My first paying project!

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    My first paying project!

    I'm not sure how to explain this properly, but I'll try.

    I am working on a demo project which has 6 scenes,
    -"main,play all,1,2,3,4"
    on the main scene I have 5 buttons which link to the 4 sections of the demo movie.

    If a user clicks on "play all" it demo simply plays through scenes 1 - 4 then back to main.

    but If a user clicks on "1","2","3","4", it only plays that individual scene, until it is finished, then back to "main"

    did ya get it?
    I think I need an (IF) statement at the end of scenes 1 - 4,
    but I'm unsure how to use it properly?
    anyone know?
    anyone know of some good demo tuts?
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    You could have each scene automatically continue playing. Then have an if statement that would cause the movie to return to the main scene if a certain value were set to something.

    Say clicking "Play All" would put the value 1 in _root.playall

    You would have this at the end of every scene:
    if (_root.playall != 1){

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