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Thread: hours or lump sum

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    hours or lump sum

    I am doing a redesign (not major) and recategorising and reoptimising of this site for a client: http://www.llamaleisure.com.au

    I have no idea what to quote, basically I would quote it hour by hour but she is dead set on getting a ballpark figure, thing is I'm not sure how long it will take, I just know it will take a while as you can see there is alot of info there.

    basically I need to re-optimise all the images, sort all the information on the right into broader headings which then have links to sub-categories e.g. now it is


    I need it to be


    if that makes sense...
    Anyway I need to do that to all of her sections + redesign it to make it more pretty in the process. I'm not sure, maybe around $400? Let me know what you think (this is AUD btw)

    thanks for everyones help and yes I did read the sticky
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    well what i do is write out clearly everything that I'm going to do in the proposal then have the client sign off on that. I take how much work it would take me just to do the proposal work about and multiply that by hourly rate, then by 1.5 (cover your mistakes). Then state an hourly rate for things not mentioned in the proposal that you are later asked to do. So if they want you to make a simple site and you quote them $XXX then down the road they say they want it to be ecommerce, instead of having to do it at that original price, you add on all the time spent on ecommerce x hourly rate.

    hope that helps.
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    A friend who has done HTML for years advised me to make sure I put in a clause that limits the number of re-writes as well. Often the client will want a certain look, you do it, then their friends don't like it and they want it redone... over and over... and then only want to pay for the work once.

    Make sure you include 'X' re-writes in the price and specifically state that any more re-writes are for additional charges.

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