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Thread: help with flash

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    help with flash

    Hi need help,
    Im not very familiar with flash and hoping that someone out there can help. Iam trying to import an external .ftv but cant. Originally I was taking the .ftv movies in from my library, I would place the movie in the centre of my stage on the main time line. I am using a scrubber which i got in the flash kit and it works fine but only if i set the value to just " _root" without adding the name of the movie. The problem is I have several scenes and all have .flv movies in them, when i click rewind on the scrubber, instead of returning to the beginning of the one .flv movie that is being played, it returns to the very first .flv movie in the first scene. Ive tried placing the name of my .flv movie after typing _root but then nothing works.
    PLease can anyone help, Im pulling my hair out here.

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    I think you'd be better off posting your question in the Flash MX forum, or another of the help forums. You'll probably get a better response.

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