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Thread: e-commerce Scuba Site

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    e-commerce Scuba Site

    onlinescubagear.com needs a serious face lift. What is up right now, I created and sales have been non existing. I'd like to incorporate paypal or some online merchant account. I need a site to compete with leisurepro.com & scubatoys.com. Sales and Service of all types of scuba related stuff. Changes will need to be made all the time. (prices, gear, etc.) I also need search engine optimization, the works. Only the Best is what I desire. Payment for this project would have to be creative also. Looking to do something like maybe 30% up front and 100% of the profits until the agreed price is paid in full. Let's see what you can do!!! ttaillac@sbcglobal.net

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    I just looked at all 3 sites and here's what I see:

    The competitors sites are too busy while yours has a good, clean look. However, yours took much longer to load here (could have been a local issue here but I'm not sure).

    You have GOT to put the phone number up like LeisurePro. I'd imagine that most of the sales off the site are from call-ins to that number after people see it on the site instead of people using the shopping cart. Hey, whatever sells.

    Make sure you check that your aren't pricing yourself out of competitiveness.

    Lastly, since the site looks clean and all that, how's your traffic? If it's low then maybe the answer is in getting better search engine placement to boost the number of window shoppers.

    You need to do something to boost sales, but don't throw money in all directions. Spend it on only the RIGHT thing and then you get the most bang for your buck. Doing that means being careful to ID the right thing before spending much.

    I was GM and CEO for a startup and helped avg. daily sales grow 2000% in 9 mo. and the staff went from 8 to 36. Then the owners sold it for cash. I was 28 but then didn't know about "Young Presidents of America" (CEO before you're 30). I wish I'd have known... that would have looked great on my resume!

    If you're interested in more from me then you can email me at NCD@gawab.com


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