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Thread: More involved bid strategy advice...

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    More involved bid strategy advice...

    Ok... we need a lousy FAQ. How many times are we asking each other about bid strategies? LOL

    I've got a doosie....

    Medium size company has over 20 URL's that he wants to see about getting up. It's in the adult industry and he uses RealServer for vid plus has tens of thousands of images that his members browse.

    He has:
    Backend and credit card already up
    Mickeysoft servers

    He currently uses front page and wants to be able to do many edits himself with it. I think I may be able to steer him into using a text file for variables that utilize the LoadVars object since I could do that and then compress the SWF far more than his FrontPage could go.

    He wants the look and feel of a flash piece I did before for another adult theme site(I don't pass that URL around here or for most business because I'm trying to keep it "clean"). He stumbled onto that site and contacted me.

    The worst: 55% of his customers are on AOHell... estimated true throughput is 10-20K/sec on a 56K connection. Compression is King on this job.

    The only way I can think of to do it all is to do a seamless frameset with one frame being HTML since his customers need to be able to save pictures to thier hard drive with a right-click. I did a pic viewer with dynamic thumbnailing that loads the pic with loadMovieNum(jpg name here). The viewer is scrunched to 30KB and I think I can get it to 15KB if I actionscript the logos as dynamic text rather than use a graphic symbol.

    So.... I need a formula that includes:
    Linking to Real Player

    Then I may be able to cookie-cutter the first URL design to the other 19.

    Needless to say... I could be looking for a hand on this. The $$ is going to be discounted a bit because he's offering me some perks but there is still going to have to be some half-decent cash involved or I can't do it.

    Also, I came up with one setup that protects the samples from being stolen. When payment is made, the final code delivered doesn't have this feature. If I don't get paid, I shut the sample down remotely without touching his servers at all. If he's being honest, he'll never notice


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    The easiest way to determine cost in any project is to calculate the time it will take to develop and multiply it by an hourly rate (whatever you charge by the hour for your flash/programming work)

    I use that strategy for every single project I develop. It's simple and effective.

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    ...and add 10% to the time, 'cause something will hit the fan at one point or another
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups

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    Yea, a friend told me 25%.

    Problem is that I have no idea how long the backend integration with his existing infrastructure will take... I mean no clue at all!


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