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Thread: XML CS Score-Checker - a few minor xml nub questions..

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    XML CS Score-Checker - a few minor xml nub questions..

    Before I start, heres the coding for the XML tree that I will probably use, unless if i edit it anymore:

    PHP Code:

    clan>Team 3D vs zEx</clan>
    Now heres my actual question: Just say I have this dynamic text field named "scoretext_1", how would I go about creating the functions for this in flash, so flash would automatically loadd this info into the dynamic text field. I just need some sample coding, I learn best by messing around with other peoples codings. By the way, Ive seen many sample codings of actionscripting, and I also understand the fundamentals with XML in Flash and how to use it, but it seems kinda complicated to code the functions from scratch. The problem is, it like confuses me, so it would be much better if someone could possibly provide some sort of sample XML functions coding for this XML tree, any help is appreaciated.

    Oh and laslty, is there a actionscripting command or function to refresh the browser ? Therefore to update the info, for say IE6+, and is for a on-release button ?
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